Living In The Future: Motion Sensing Light-Up Stairs.


Just more proof that we are getting closer and closer to living in the Star Trek world (holodeck cheerleaders, here I come). A company called SOLED is now selling a lighting kit that turns your home staircase into a futuristic motion sensing wonder.

According to them, “Stairs motion sensors by SOLED provide intelligent monitoring of stairs illumination. They are automatically activated when someone enters the first step (on the bottom or top of the stairs).” So it will even work when I slip and fall down the stairs in the pitch black of night. SOLED also makes other lighting kits for around the house, including kitchen lights, light up shelving, and mirrors. Why? Because monsters are scary rich people.

Although I joke, if I ever get to build my own house, it will definitely be filled with these things. Just so I can walk up and down the stairs and feel like I’m actually important in the world. Check out the SOLED lighting kits here.