Goodbye HMV


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In the news recently was something that will be the dismay of physical disc lovers everywhere. As of January 27th 2017, HMV has been placed into receivership, and will be closing all 102 of its Canadian locations, as well as liquidating all of their assets. This comes after years of declining sales, and  has been the long foreseen dread of  music fans everywhere. Now that it is a reality, many music lovers are having to come to terms with the situation.

Gone will be the days of waltzing through the isles spending hours (to the dismay of my family)  looking through the CD selections. I wont even be able to wake up to a brand new album and quickly get it into my impatient hands.

HMV was the last of the big chain CD stores in Canada, and with it now gone, the market will have to be filled. My hope is that independent music stores will take the reigns, and start stocking new CD’s to attract the business that used to be HMV’s. In my opinion, physical media will never truly die, it will just migrate.