Netflix: The Times a Wastin’

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Netflix, the ultimate time waster, what a way to spend 24 hours of pure uninterrupted time. I remember when Netflix subscriptions were given away as pity prizes on game shows. Now, its one of the biggest media sources in the world.

Right now I am currently working my way through the unknown cult-classic show “The X-Files”. And I gotta say, I am really enjoying the way that each episode plays one after the other to give me a never-ending stream of consumerism.

It is also curious how one can spend hours just scrolling through Netflix wondering what to watch. It almost takes as long as watching the movie itself.  Needless to say though, Netflix has become a staple of modern entertainment, and one that I take part in a considerable amount, and probably will until either it ends, or I do.



Lego Batman | Thoughts


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I’ve recently had the pleasure of viewing the new Lego Batman movie, and I feel obligated to spew my opinion out on the matter like any other nerd on the internet.

My general thoughts on the film are that as such; it’s really good. The first scene of the movie had me giggling like I was in junior high. It starts of fast and never lets go. The animation, as with the original Lego movie, is top notch.  Will Arnett does a fantastic job voicing the caped crusader as well.

This doesn’t mean that the movie is all sunshine and Batman’s, it does have a few flaws. The biggest one in my mind is that it feels a little bogged down by what it’s trying to accomplish all while keeping its “G” rating. I feel if they pushed the bar further the movie could be even better.

One thing to go into this movie knowing is that it’s not a Batman movie. It’s a Batman Parody, Kind of like Airplane is to American Airways. It takes the absurd cliches and pushes them to the extreme, so try not to take it too seriously.

All in all, its a great movie, and one definitely seeing in theaters. Plus, I won a Bluetooth speaker from the arcade, so I’m happy.