Practicum – The Finale –

I have no picture, as of the time of writing, this article, my phone decided to die!


Well, the time has come. My practicum has officially come to an end! Reflecting in the time, it turned out completely different than I thought. Although this may seem Initially bad, that is far from the truth.

The time I spent at 106.7 The Drive was one of the best, and mos eye opening months I have spent in this program. I did everything from writing, to voice tracking, and on air! I think the on air experience I gained during this month was the most eye opening.

through my time I realised that I can actually do the job, and the level of preparation that SAIT has given me is second to none. I am exited for what my career in this industry will bring me, and I am honestly going to miss the station in Red Deer, but the future holds many surprises, and I can’t wait to uncover them!


Practicum – Week 3 –



I cant believe it’s almost over. I am now entering into the fourth week of my practicum here at 106.7 The Drive, and I honestly couldn’t be happier. The third week for me was an opportunity to showcase what I could do on air. And I feel as though I did it fairly well.

The Initial plan was for me to voice-track some practice shows, and then have a discussion about the possibility of me going in the air. After listening to the first half of my very first practice show, they decided that I would voice track over nights for the week, which was cool.

At the end of the week they decided that I was ready to go live on air, with my own show, from 10-2, and I can’t wait…We’ll see how the final week goes!


Practicum – Week 2 –



You know, as far as weeks can go, it definitely wasn’t the worst! – Chase Currie, 2018


My second week of practicum was yet another one of growth and development. As far as my writing is concerned, I have found myself writing more commercials for a radio station than I ever thought i would, I also got a pretty neat opportunity to create an advertising campaign for a local Canadian Tire (here’s hoping it works!).

I have also had the opportunity to start voice tracking at the station. Although it started out as just practicing, the PD’s at the station quickly decided to give me an overnight show of my very own. I start next week and i couldn’t be more excited.

Apart from saying that I am the only on-air jock to use the term “cochlear nerve” (pronounced “COH-U-LAR”), I feel as though they have taken a liking to the energy I bring to the airwaves. They even said that they would give e a station key if i wanted to stay and do the show live.

All in all, I feel as though it was another good week, and I look forward to the next!

Practicum – Week One –

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Well, it’s finally happening. The all so important practicum is upon me, so I decided to take this time to reflect upon my first week at Big 105 and The Drive!

Coming into the office I was pleased to see how relaxed everybody was, even my new PD was as friendly as can be. I feel as though I’ve integrated well. Even though I still have those intern quirks, like not quite being used to the format, and not having my own computer login. But all in all I think I’m doing well.

Surprisingly enough, the activity that i have done the most is writing. The producer here is super busy, and they’re renovating the second studio, so production is still a little while away, and I start voice tracking next week. So for now, my day consists of hanging in creative and taking the work people give me (because I don’t have a computer login).

All in all it’s been a fun and eye opening first week,and i can’t wait to see where I go and what happens these next three weeks!

The Semester: In Review

Well guys, the semester is almost done, and I want to talk about it. This semester, and year even has been one, if not thee, busiest time of my life. I have not been this tired in a long, long time.

But, at the end of it all, it was totally worth it. The connections that I have made, and the people that I have met are absolutely incredible, and I would not change this experience for the world.

I could not recommend this program enough for anyone that is interested in a career in broadcasting, because it really does get you ready. I can’t wait for next year to start. (But I will enjoy 4 months of full-time work)

Happy Easter Everybody!



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Happy Easter everyone! As we move into the holidays I want to take this time to wich everyone a long weekend. I will be at home enjoying some much needed relaxation time, and I know you will be too.

And with that blurb said and done…HAPPY EASTER!

Meme’s – The Internet Culture


Meme’s (pronounced meem), has quickly become the staple of internet culture. Ever since 2006 they have gained massive circulation and popularity among internet users. But what is a meme?

A meme is a massively circulated image re-posted with slight variations (or something). they can range from pictures of cats, to crudely drawn comic strips.

I like meme’s, and some of them are really funny, and they are starting to permeate into the real world with references and merchandise. I can only see the popularity of meme’s grow further. The only thing that I can know for sure, is that I really, really, really, like this image.

Retro Computer Collecting



I have been a retro computer/games collector for a while now, and, I just thought I would share my thoughts on the subject.

Retro collecting is not always easy, mostly due to the extreme age of the equipment you desire. It is always a challenge trying to find items in working order. Some of the most common problems are dead batteries and capacitors. These components were simply not designed to last that long, so when you finally get a piece, that is most likely going to need replacing.

The rarity of these items is also a huge obstacle to get around. With the aforementioned breakdowns, and people seeing these pieces as nothing more than obsolete, they often get trashed. This drives the price of the existing units up even higher.

The best thing is to search around and try to find someone that doesn’t really know what they have, and will sell the “junk” to you for dirt cheap. That has happened to me a few times, where someone wants to get rid of “trash” and give me something that’s worth a few hundred dollars.

But after everything, its still a great hobby to have (expensive tho). It almost feel like I’m doing these computers a service, like I’m a “retirement home” for computers. They have done their work, and now come to take a rest at my house where they can be appreciated for what they are, and what they have achieved.


The Week of Nothing: A Retrospect


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Well, I only have one question. WHAT HAPPENED? It’s already been a week since march first? Man, I really mean it when I say that NOTHING has happened this week. It’s almost as if we have been thrown through a time warp seven days into the future.

I remember going to the pub last Wednesday like it was yesterday, and in fact, I actually thought that it was yesterday at some point. There has to be a greater power at work here. Aliens? Probably. It all makes sense.

We were collectively abducted as a planet and dropped off a week later after extensive testing. That would also explain this weird bump in my side that I woke up with.

Amaranthe Concert Night


Earlier this week Got to experience something that I have been waiting for forever. I got so see a Amaranthe, a Swedish band that I really like, live and in concert. It’s not often that a moderately unknown band from overseas decides to grace us with their presence, but when I heard that they were rolling back into town, I had to go.

I missed their performance here in 2015 due to being super poor insufficient notice, and the chance that I got to see them again was well appreciated. Let me be the first to say, not only are they super talented live (they sound like their album recording), they are also some of the nicest musicians I have ever met.

It’s not everyday you get to meet someone you’re a mondo fan of, but it really made my night to just sit and chat with them about various stuff in their lives.

Long story short, I will definitely go to see them again.